Meeting National Councils of Churches

The National Councils of Churches have met from the 20th till the 23th of May 2014 in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

The National Councils of the Netherlands and of Belgium were happy to welcome app. 25 persons from several countries in Europe. They work as general secretaries or other leading functions on the national level.

On these pages you’ll find background information. It is meant for participants, people who give an introduction and people passing by on these pages and interested in having a quick view at the pages. Feel free to read it.

First we give results of the meeting. And then we give the technical information about the organisation. Push the following words if you want to see more information:

a) the introduction of Huib Klamer
b) the introduction of Trinus Hoekstra
c) the introduction of George Molenkamp (pdf)
d) the powerpoint of Gé Speelman
e) the powerpoint of CEC Guy Liagre
f) the powerpoint of WCC Hielke Wolters
g) pictures (with Dutch text) of the first day
h) pictures (with Dutch text) of the second day
i) pictures (with Dutch text) of the third day
j) pictures (with Dutch text) of the last day

Push the following words if you want to see more information about the items publiced before the meeting:
a) the meeting places and how to get there.
b) the program.
c) the people who give an introduction.
d) moderators.
e) pictures of Egmond and Antwerpen.
f) edition ‘Faith and Economics’
g) participants.

Be aware of the fact that the information still will be on this sight till the first of July 2014, after that date it will be taken of the front page. So if you need certain information of this page, make a copy for your own.

On behalf of the Council of Churches in the Netherlands, we thank all participants and all volunteers for their support and enthusiasm. We hopen that you will speak about the content of the meeting, that will enable us to spread the inspiriation of the eucumenical movement.