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Specially for our visitors from abroad we have pages on this website written in English. There are two new items which might be relevant for you.

The Council of Churches will be hosting the meeting of European national councels starting on Tuesday the 20th of May. Especially for this meeting a translation was made of the document ‘Faith and Economics: Perspective on the Economic Crisis’. The economic crisis raises questions which strike the foundations of our society and our existence. The national council of churches in the Netherlands has a special tasforce which analysed the situation from a biblical perspective. The group also had two expertmeetings with economical and political specialists. All the information was elaborated to a brochure. The text of this brochure was translated by pr. Sam VanLeer, a native speaker. It is available if you push here. It will be used during the international meeting as backgroundinformation.

During the meeting the secretary-general of the Council of Churches in the Netherlands will give information about the ecclegiological situation in the Netherlands. He made a summary for that of a recent publication called ‘Raven’. In seven chapters he analyses the actual situation of the oecumenical movement in the Netherlands. If you are interested in that: click here.

The European meeting is not open for public. Journalist are invited to make an appointment if they want to have an interview with a participant. The meeting will last till Friday. On Wednesday the group will go to Antwerp, to meet the council of churches in Belgium and to visit the harbour.

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