Nine churches signed a joint declaration in which they recognise the baptism which has been given in each others churches; and eleven churches signed a rapprochement on baptism. If you want to read the Englisch translation, push here. If you want to listen to a short introduction on the item in a YouTube-film, push here.


Klaas van der Kamp, the secretary-general of the Council, wrote a book in 2014, in which he reflects over the main items of his work during the last five years. If you want to read a summary, click here.

The Council has made Dutch translations of the main reports of the World Council of Churches, in which material is added for groups to discuss the main issues also locally. Four of these documents are available in Dutch: About the church, about mission, about economy and the oecumenical statement. On the 22th of March the water-document brought out by the WCC in 2011 was signed. 

At the end of 2014 in December 26 churches signed an agreement about safety in the church. Churches promiss to be aware of the rights and safety of young people in the church, especially women. The agreement is a reaction to the publications of sexual abuses in churches. All the members of the Council and other churches agreed that the church should be a place of safety, and the promiss to take measures of this safety might be in discussion. 

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