The Council exists officially since 1968. The history of the ecumenical movement is of course much longer. All churches are represented by one or two delegates in the board of the Council. The two largest churches (the Protestants and the Roman-Catholics) are represented in the Executive Board, as well as three of the other churches. Theologians and delegates support the ecumenical work participating in working groups and committees.

The following churches are participating in the Council of Churches in the Netherlands:

Protestant Church in the Netherlands
Roman-Catholic Church in the Netherlands
Old-Catholic Church of the Netherlands
General Mennonite Society
Remonstrant Brotherhood
Evangelical Brothercongregations in the Netherlands
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Syrian-Orthodox Church in the Netherlands
Salvation Army
Anglican Church in the Netherlands
Coptic Orthodox Church
Fellowship of Free Evangelical Congregations in the Netherlands
Orthodox Church
New Apostolic Church
Critical Groups and Congregations in the Netherlands (associate member)
Church of the Seventh-Day Adventists (associate member)
Association of Dutch Protestants (associate member)
United Pentecostal and Evangelical Churches (associate member)