The document ‘Faith and Economics: Perspective on the Economic Crisis’ made in 2013 is also available in English. The economic crisis raises questions which strike the foundations of our society and our existence. The national council of churches in the Netherlands has a special tasforce which analysed the situation from a biblical perspective. The group also had two expertmeetings with economical and political specialists. All the information was elaborated to a brochure. The text of this brochure was translated by pr. Sam VanLeer, a native speaker. It is available if you push here.

The national councils of churches in Europe have met each other in 2014 in Bergen (The Netherlands).  Representative scholars gave an introduction on the themes of economy and climate.  May 2014. Click here and you'll find introductions and backgroud-information of this conference. The introductions were made by Huib Klamer, Trinus Hoekstra, Gé Speelman and George Molenkamp.

Raad van Kerken in Nederland
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