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Welcome at the website of the Council of Churches in the Netherlands. The Council of Churches is a fellowship of thirteen member-churches and three associate members. The churches represent together more than 6,5 million believers.

If you want immediate contact with us, you can phone us: + 31 33 46 33 844. Or you can mail: rvk@raadvankerken.nl

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Latest news
In the weekend of 9-10 September more than twenty churches organisated a missionary campaign together called 'Kerkproeverij' (Tasting of the Church). The idea is taken over from Michael Harvey. It implies that members of a congregation invite other people to join them to a churchservice. More than 500 local churches participated in the intiative. If you want to see some pictures of this campaign, click here

Click here for a statement about the national elections in the Netherlands, which will be held on the 15th of March 2017. 


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