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Welcome at the website of the Council of Churches in the Netherlands. The Council of Churches is a fellowship of thirteen member-churches and three associate members. The churches represent together more than 6,5 million believers.

If you want immediate contact with us, you can phone us: + 31 33 46 33 844. Or you can mail: rvk@raadvankerken.nl

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World Council of Churches
The churches in the Netherlands are preparing the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the World Council of Churches, which will be held on the 23th of August 2018 in Amsterdam. It starts with a pilgrimage of Justice and Peace through the capital of the Netherlands; from 16.00 hours onwards there is an official meeting in the 'Nieuwe Kerk' near the Dam in the Center of Amsterdam. Please feel free to visit the meeting. By sending an email to rvk@raadvankerken.nl you can get a free ticket. 

'Tasting of the Church'
In the weekend of 15 and 16 September more than twenty churches (organised in thousands of local parishes) organisate a missionary campaign together called 'Kerkproeverij' (Tasting of the Church). The idea is taken over from Michael Harvey. It implies that members of a congregation invite other people to join them to a churchservice. More than 500 local churches participated in the initiative in 2017. If you want to see some pictures of this campaign, click here

The churches organise a festival of inspiration on one of the islands in the north: on Terschelling. You can participate, simply by taking a ticket for the boat leaving at Harlingen. From the 26th till the 28th of Oktober 2018 this festival will be realised. One of the important themes will be 'the pilgrimage of justice and peace'. There are no special costs for participating in the different activities; but of course you have to pay for transfer, local hotel and food. 

Politics is one of the items the national council is focussing on. ON the 21th of March 2018 there will be local elections for councils of government in townships. Click here which was brought before related to the national elections of 2017.


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