Council in the Netherlands urges carefully apply the Child Amnesty Arrangement

In a letter to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the Council of Churches in The Netherlands urgently calls upon the goverment to adequate and careful apply the Child Amnesty Arrangement of 2013. Referring to the continous church service that is in progress in The Hage, in church community centre Bethel, fort he Armenian Tamrazyan family, the Council urges the Dutch government to apply the Child Amnesty Arrangement of 2013 as it is meant: to respect the rights of children that have been living in the country for over five years.

Tekst tweet in het Nederlands:
Raad van Kerken in Nederland roept regering op tot zorgvuldige en adequate uitvoering regeling kinderpardon: de waardigheid en rechten van kinderen moeten worden erkend.


Information from the site of the Bethel Kerk:

Having started on October 26 1.30 pm, a continuous church service is in progress in The Hague, in church community centre Bethel, for the Armenian Tamrazyan family. The Tamrazyan family has lived in the Netherlands for almost nine years and is risking expulsion from the country. An appeal to the Child Amnesty Arrangement was rejected. The Protestant Church of The Hague respects court orders, but finds itself confronted with a dilemma: the choice between respecting the government and protecting the rights of a child.

The purpose of the Church Asylum is to create rest and safety for the family and to offer some respite to the family during which we invite politicians to discuss with us the family’s fate and the effects of the Child Amnesty Arrangement.



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Spokespersons for Church Asylum Bethel are Theo Hettema and Derk Stegeman.


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