Year 2015

In the year 2017 essential themes are among others: 

* Inspired by Michael Harvey we will introduce the program of 'Back to Church Sunday' in the Netherlands, using the concept of invitations. This will be launched in September.  

* working on the theme of 'pilgrimage for justice and peace', following the suggestions of the tenth assemble of the World Council of Churches in Busan; young adults are the focus of the program working into the direction of an international meeting in 2018, furthermore we will have a 'walk of peace' in September.  

* discussing the spirituality related to the sacrament of eucharist trying to understand one another better, in March 2016 we brought a magazine about the understanding of eucharism in several churches, focussing on the experiences rather than on the dogma's; in March 2017 we will present an academic framework for discussing the theme systematically. 

* we have a special program about the last part of human life, discussing also the liberal point of view of Dutch politicians on euthanasia; but we have a broader discussion involving also the good care at the last years and months of a human being. 

* this year we bring a magazine about work and welfare.

* this year we bring a book with preachings of churchleaders which they held in congregations; by publishing the different meditations we make visible the inspiration of the resurrection of Christ.  

* organizing the week of prayer in January 2017, using the international material in which more than 200.000 Christians participate, with also a registration of it on the national television. We make a special program for primary schools in order to promote the value of praying to young people.

* concentrating on the relation between politics and religion in talks with representatives of the government; special attendance will be given to this item in 2017, since there are elections for the parlement in the Netherlands. 

* stimulating the contact between Dutch churches and churches of immigrants. A special focus is on the acculturalisation, so that new migrants get familiar to western values and western people will be used to deal with other cultural approaches.

* helping people who are in need of asylum trying to influence politics.

* stimulating Christians to take care of environment and organize lectures about this with a spiritual background with a special focus on 'food', after signing a document about 'water' as a human right earlier.

* make information available about the poor people in the Netherlands and motivating church members and politicians to work on an economy based on justice.

* organizing programs together with partners from other religions to show the mutual interest in democracy, justice, peace and integrity of creation.

* a special program runs on the use of the social media, the Council can be followed on Twitter on the account @raadvankerken (3200 followers) and internationally on @dutchreligions; we are also present on Facebook (more than 1000 friends).

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